Staircase update

Our contractor was the one who suggested not having skirting for the staircase, but it appears he forgot his own advice!

Flooring Update 3

Looks like all the floors are done. Noticed some grouting issues, but will wait to gather defects before letting our contractor know.

Another progress update

Just went in again 3 days ago, our contractor seems pretty confident about completing the entire job within another 2 weeks. He could have gone faster I think, but we told him there was no hurry anymore.

Our kitchen contractor came in on Wednesday to install the kitchen, although the counter-top installation is still pending. It looks pretty nice, so perhaps any harsh words I’ve had for them may be unfounded. But we’ll just see how they finish up the job.

There was a bit of an unfortunate incident that day though. Our main contractor has some guys who were polishing and sanding the timber strips which resulted in a lot of dust being generated. This caused the kitchen guys to be pretty upset as it was bad for their health, and would dirty the cabinets.

I suggested they go for lunch first and return only after the polishing was done, and offered to reimburse them for lunch but unfortunately their transport had run off at that time! At least things got resolved in the end.

Updates in:

Dry Kitchen

Wet Kitchen



Cabinet work

We are having some cabinet work done for the guest and master bathrooms, and this is what it looks like as of now as a work in progress.

Adding a cabinet below the sink, and a mirror-cum-cabinet above.

Original plan was to change all bathroom fittings, but ended up not doing too much at all.

Wet kitchen update

Raised platform for the kitchen cabinets seem in place, so I guess the windows and grilles will be next to come.

Better view of what the back of the house on ground level looks like than a picture taken from inside the house..


Figure timber strips for the staircase look pretty good. Not too much work since the existing tiles on the stairs need not be hacked.

Flooring Update 2

Some further work has been done on the floor over the past week. Timber strips have been laid on the first floor, and more tiles placed on the ground floor.

Wet kitchen window works

The original back of our wet kitchen had the back door in the middle, with windows on either side of it.

Our contractor suggested we could move the door to the end of the room instead, which sounded like a good idea since it would give us more continuous space. Pity about the structural beam in the way there though, I had originally thought we could have had much more window as well by moving the door to the end.


Bathroom progress

The only hacking works necessary for the bathrooms is the section of wall behind the actual shower for the purpose of running hot water.

My wife chose some nice mosaic tiles to replace those that had to be removed. Guess they will install the actual shower set when the water works are completed.