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Welcome to my blog on moving to Johor.

In November 2011, the idea of moving across the causeway from sunny (and expensive, and crowded!) Singapore first crossed my mind.

After thinking about and researching the idea for a little while, my wife and I went to take a look at the options available, and decided on nice cosy little unit in Horizon Hills, the Golf Precinct. :)

Early December, we signed the Sales and Purchase agreement (we didn’t look that long obviously), and presto, we collected our keys in mid-January, which is where the story of this blog begins.

The peril-fraught renovation journey!

We hope you will find this blog useful as a means of deciding whether to make the move to Malaysia. We were clueless when we started as well, and only the bottomless knowledge pool known as the internet helped us along, and we hope to be able to add to that resource in what little way we can. :)

Oh, and there’s also a forum on this website you can join to ask more questions, or simply  get to know more people who have moved to or invested in Johor, or are thinking of doing so. Forum this way -> http://www.iskandarliving.com/forum/



11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. tks for sharing your valuable info in this blog. I also just collected my keys at Nusa Idaman. Looking forward to more info as i am also looking to renovate my new place. cheers

  2. Thanks for putting up the site and sharing your experience. Your blog is timely as living in Johor is a possible option that more and more people are considering.

  3. Hi, nice blog. I also just bought a unit at Nusa Duta from an agent. Now, still doing some document, have not collected the key yet. So excited.

    Really followed your blog, wants to get some infos from you.

    Keep it up! Thanks

  4. Thanks for sharing your experience on your blog. My inter-terrace unit at Golf east is also under renovation currently. Tiling and electrical wiring just completed and the contractor will be painting the so-call first coat paint next week and installing the iron grills. Lights will follow after that.
    I have left all the 4 bathroom intact but hv regretted after seeing the lovely mozaic tiles at your shower area. I will be installing glass shower screens without doors and add a base cabinet under the wash basin later in June.
    I hv plans to change the bedroom doors but hv not seen any doors on sale during the Home Fair. Would like to exchange ideas with you if you intend to do the same.
    Do keep in touch via email. :)

    • Hi, thanks for your kind comments.

      Mosaic tiles were wife’s idea. She’s good with that kind of thing. :)

      I think we will eventually change our doors as well, the ones provided by the developer are pretty poor in quality indeed, but that can wait till…whenever lol. Just doing the stuff that simply needs to be done together before occupation.

  5. Hi, i am looking for a reliable and reasonable price contractor.. reading at ur blog , they seems doing a great job.. could you share more info such as your contractor and how the quotation looks like?

    Thanks again

    • Hi Will, our contractor as Ann I-design, pretty much a one man operation by friendly fellow named An. Will put up a final update on total renovation cost in a while.

  6. Hi Teck,

    Really appreciate your blog on your experience :)
    Just got my keys to HH Golf.

    Would like to make a humble request. Was wondering if you can email me contact info of the contractor.

    Thanks a lot in advance :)

  7. Dear Mr. Teck,

    Thank you very much for sharing your Reno experience with us.
    I had purchased HH The Hill and expecting to collect my keys next year.

    Do you mind sharing your contractor contact and your mobile via email.

    谢谢您 !

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