Final cost

Okay, going to give a breakdown as accurately as I can. Referring back to original quotation from our contractor in an earlier post, reproduced now:

Certain items were added over the course of renovation that added another RM4,300 to the total cost, mainly from issues like extra airc-on piping. That sort of stuff.

So final cost is

Renovation (ex-kitchen cabinets) – RM105,000 (contractor’s bill of 100k, balance for lights and other stuff he bought and paid first, and billed us after)

Kitchen cabinets (separate contractor) – RM22,000

Bathroom mixers, fittings, accessories etc (bought in Singapore, installed by our contractor) – approx RM5,000

Cooker and hob – RM2,000

Total: about RM135,000

Hopefully that will help some of you with your own calculations and comparisons for your own renovation projects!


4 thoughts on “Final cost

  1. Wow, Teck, your house is pretty! :) I have collected my keys from my lawyer already too, but havent done any renovation yet, still sourcing around. Thanks for your blog which let me know the various good contractors around and their rough quotes :) I probably will be visiting signature kitchen soon!