Installation update

BTW, all the knobs and handles were bought from IKEA! Wife wasn’t satisfied with the selection they provided.

Was supposed to be handles for all lower cabinets and knobs for upper cabs, but because there was somehow not enough to go round, the kitchen guys decided to place them where they saw fit. Still looks okay though.

And the granite sink was one we bought in Singapore and transported over. Not that there’s anything wrong with the ones in Malaysia, but we just have more time to shop in Singapore than there.

3 thoughts on “Installation update

  1. Hi Teck,
    i am looking for a good carpenter for my kitchen. Do you have someone you recommend.


    • Hi John, the carpentry firm doing our kitchen focuses more on country-style furnishings, not sure if that’s what you’re looking for. And if so, until it’s finished, can’t say for sure whether we will recommend them.

  2. Bro,
    Looks like you are quite pleased overall with the work done by Signature Kitchen. I quite like the look of it, though hard to judge the quality by looking at the photos…
    Do you mind sharing where you bought the granite sink in Singapore and how much you paid for it ?
    I remember that you had written earlier that you had bought taps etc. also from Singapore. Don’t want to ask you about the difference in quality as its not fair to compare. Would you mind sharing where you bought the bathroom fittings from ?
    Thanks so much. And you are doing a great service to the rest of us by sharing your renovation journey. Helps other newbies like me…