Figure timber strips for the staircase look pretty good. Not too much work since the existing tiles on the stairs need not be hacked.

6 thoughts on “Staircase

  1. Hi Tutu, I just referred to my original quotation, and it seems I am being charged RM7,000 for that. Then there is also the cost of a new railing which should probably be a few hundred RM.

  2. Wow….7k juz to lay planks on the staircases…. Guess I will drop the idea though it’s really nice….

  3. Hey Teck, may i ask will there be any possibilties of termite attack on these planks?

    • No idea at all. Think it was mentioned on Sammyboy that the ground has been treated (in a very toxic manner) for termites, which will stay effective for certain number of years. NOt sure what happens thereafter. I’ll try to ask my contractor next time.