Progress update

Went in to meet our contractor again a few days ago to make our selections for paint colours, choice of grilles and bits of other carpentry design stuff. Our contractor brought us catalogues to view, and even let us bring some back for items we were undecided on.

Work seems to be progressing smoothly. As he said, you need the job done fast, I’ll do it fast. You want it slow, I’ll take my time’ :)

Updates on works in:



Wet kitchen

2 thoughts on “Progress update

  1. Hi Teck,
    You renovation is very extensive and you appeared to be satisfied with your contractor.
    I appreciate if you could provide me his contact.
    BTW did you get from Signature kitchen. I happened to visit their showroom. Design and Quality was not bad. If you did not get from Signature, can you sharing your reasoning.
    Thank you.

    • We just went in today (got stuck in Jam at Tuas for 3 hours!) to take a look and conduct some other business, and are quite satisfied with the progress. Our kitchen is not from Signature, and the reason for that was cost and cost only. Have emailed you his contact.