Works commence!

Our contractor has commenced work, and we are happy with the speed at which things are happening.

We signed the contract with our contractor on Tuesday (28th Feb), and he told us that he would commence work on the following Monday (5th March).

We went in to meet him on Wednesday (7th March) to make the first portion of payment (since he’d ordered the necessary tiles) and to bring in some bathroom accessories we bought in Singapore (he wanted to start the hacking and tiling works in the bathroom already).

Met him at our place and were pleasantly surprised to find that floor hacking of the entire ground floor had been completed, along with a big chunk of electrical works, especially the ceiling.



3 thoughts on “Works commence!

  1. Congrats Teck !! The beginning of your Dream HOME.
    Wish that everything will move smoothly.

  2. Hi Tech thank you for your blog. How did your renovation go? Do you recommend him or is there another renovation company you recommend.

    Thanks appreciate your advice

    Foo Piew

    • Hi Foo Piew,

      We are currently happy with the service provided by our contractor. We have had no issues with the speed of delivery or the schedule of payments. The second part being very important imo, that the contractor does not attempt to collect too much money before the delivery of the good and service.

      Can’t say the same for our kitchen cabinet contractor though. Their service has been awful. Should have been wary from the start when they wanted 50% upfront, and are now trying to get the remaining 50% simply for the installation of the carcass without the table top! What’s going to stop them from not bothering to finish up the job, or do it properly if we pay up the rest in full? Pretty much nothing from what I’ve seen.