Completion of works!

Actually the works have been completed for some time already, but we haven’t been there for a while lately until today.

Will be updating the total and final cost of the renovation project in a while since I’m sure many of you will find it a useful reference for your own projects.

Some of the finishing left quite a bit to be desired actually, mostly cosmetic in nature. I would have thought our contractor would have finished all the touching up before handing the unit back to us actually.

Anyway, he will still be sending his work people over to perform more finishing work and fix a faulty window (one of the windows in the wet kitchen couldn’t be closed properly) before collecting the final instalment from us.

Living and dining room after completion. :)

Other updates in:



Wet Kitchen

Dry kitchen


Final cost

In such a rush today that we forgot to take more pictures, such as the auto gate for example.


Final cost

Okay, going to give a breakdown as accurately as I can. Referring back to original quotation from our contractor in an earlier post, reproduced now:

Certain items were added over the course of renovation that added another RM4,300 to the total cost, mainly from issues like extra airc-on piping. That sort of stuff.

So final cost is

Renovation (ex-kitchen cabinets) – RM105,000 (contractor’s bill of 100k, balance for lights and other stuff he bought and paid first, and billed us after)

Kitchen cabinets (separate contractor) – RM22,000

Bathroom mixers, fittings, accessories etc (bought in Singapore, installed by our contractor) – approx RM5,000

Cooker and hob – RM2,000

Total: about RM135,000

Hopefully that will help some of you with your own calculations and comparisons for your own renovation projects!


Dry kitchen completed

It’s actually completed, but I only have photos from the previous visit with a few wires still dangling (they’re gone) since I didn’t have time to take any on our last visit a couple of days ago.

Gate II

Unfortunately, i also didn’t manage to take a picture of the gate that day, so using a picture taken on previous visit. Auto gate mechanism had not yet been installed at that time.



Staircase finished

Wasn’t expecting the handrail to be painted white! But I guess it’s no biggie.

Now an example of some of the poor finishing work we have seen.Hopefully they will be rectified to a satisfactory standard.