Cabinet work

We are having some cabinet work done for the guest and master bathrooms, and this is what it looks like as of now as a work in progress.

Adding a cabinet below the sink, and a mirror-cum-cabinet above.

Original plan was to change all bathroom fittings, but ended up not doing too much at all.

Wet kitchen update

Raised platform for the kitchen cabinets seem in place, so I guess the windows and grilles will be next to come.

Better view of what the back of the house on ground level looks like than a picture taken from inside the house..


Figure timber strips for the staircase look pretty good. Not too much work since the existing tiles on the stairs need not be hacked.

Flooring Update 2

Some further work has been done on the floor over the past week. Timber strips have been laid on the first floor, and more tiles placed on the ground floor.