Wet kitchen window works

The original back of our wet kitchen had the back door in the middle, with windows on either side of it.

Our contractor suggested we could move the door to the end of the room instead, which sounded like a good idea since it would give us more continuous space. Pity about the structural beam in the way there though, I had originally thought we could have had much more window as well by moving the door to the end.


Bathroom progress

The only hacking works necessary for the bathrooms is the section of wall behind the actual shower for the purpose of running hot water.

My wife chose some nice mosaic tiles to replace those that had to be removed. Guess they will install the actual shower set when the water works are completed.


Flooring update

Hacking, where necessary, has been completed, and tiling commenced.

Ground floor tiles, 60cm X 60cm homogeneous tiles.

Timber flooring progress for first floor.

Progress update

Went in to meet our contractor again a few days ago to make our selections for paint colours, choice of grilles and bits of other carpentry design stuff. Our contractor brought us catalogues to view, and even let us bring some back for items we were undecided on.

Work seems to be progressing smoothly. As he said, you need the job done fast, I’ll do it fast. You want it slow, I’ll take my time’ :)

Updates on works in:



Wet kitchen

Works commence!

Our contractor has commenced work, and we are happy with the speed at which things are happening.

We signed the contract with our contractor on Tuesday (28th Feb), and he told us that he would commence work on the following Monday (5th March).

We went in to meet him on Wednesday (7th March) to make the first portion of payment (since he’d ordered the necessary tiles) and to bring in some bathroom accessories we bought in Singapore (he wanted to start the hacking and tiling works in the bathroom already).

Met him at our place and were pleasantly surprised to find that floor hacking of the entire ground floor had been completed, along with a big chunk of electrical works, especially the ceiling.



Getting electricity connected II

I’ve heard different people getting their electricity connected in different ways, and I all got was ‘go to TNB’.

Which I did, and still didn’t manage to get it connected! Yesterday morning I went to the Pusat Khidmat Pelanggan at  Aras 1, Wisma TNB, Jalan Yahya Awal 80100 Johor Bahru. Wasn’t too hard to find fortunately.

Showed them my S&P, and was informed that the previous owner did in fact have an account. In order for me to open an account, I would need to fill in 2 forms (one was an account opening form (it was in English and Bahasa), and I really don’t know what the other one was), and both of these forms needed to be stamped.

So off I went to the Income Tax office just opposite Angsana Mall to get them both stamped. And returned to TNB thinking I could get my electricity up and running.

So I showed the staff at the information counter my two duly-stamped forms and got a queue number. My number gets called….

They need a copy of my identity card. I didn’t have one. ‘Can you make a copy for me’?.. ‘we cannot’.

And you need a witness. A witness? I was thinking of getting the next person in the queue to be my witness lol, then I realized I had no idea where in the vicinity to go to make a copy of my IC, not to mention I needed to return to Singapore shortly.

So here I am, holding on to two stamped forms waiting to go back with a witness and a copy of my IC to hopefully finally open an electricity account.

Either way, my contractor said he will be commencing work on Monday (5th March). I trust his workmen will magically conjure some electricity out of somewhere if there isn’t any at my place!

BTW, this is the other form that needed stamping and submission. Hopefully someone is able to share what it is.

Quite the handicap not knowing the language. Guess I’d better start learning it.