Plans for dry kitchen

Our dry kitchen. Planning on removing the door and wall partition between both kitchens, and maybe replacing it with a glass panel with an opening for a door, but without the door, or maybe a sliding glass panel.

The wife is concerned about cooking fumes from the wet kitchen wafting into rest of house. :)

Hoping to keep the wall tiles to save a little bit, but unsure if they’re tiled high enough to build the top cabinets above them. Checked out Ikea over the weekend, their top cabinets start really low, and it still looks manageable, so perhaps my worry is unfounded.

Dry kitchen will probably only be used for cabinet and counter-top space, fridge and a tall unit for an oven (those put under the counter look good, but imagine the strain on one’s back). A pull-out tall unit sounds like a good idea as well.


Plans for wet kitchen

Facing the utility/maid’s room: 

Facing the dry kitchen:

Likely to keep the tiles in this part of the house, but the rear grilles and gate need changing, and will need to install windows as well. Have actually seen that a neighbour appeared to completely remove this rear entry gate altogether. Wonder if that’s allowed, and if so, should I follow?


Looks like the gate really needs to go. :) Still pretty clueless about what we should change it to though. No stainless steel for sure, just don’t like the look of it.

And yes, we plan to automate the gate. Too much of a convenience to pass up imo.

Floor plan

A brief description of our place:

It is a 24x75ft (land size 1,800 sq ft) intermediate terrace with a built-up area of approximately 2,300 sq ft, and for reference, ours is the one on the right.




Welcome to the very first post of my Iskandarliving blog.

I will be blogging about the process of renovating my place in Horizon Hills, with step-by-step updates as I go along.

My initial posts are therefore merely illustrations of what it is now, and maybe some thoughts on what we plan to do with each area. And these will be updated as the renovations gets underway. :)

A floor plan has been included which hopefully will help you readers with the orientation of what’s planned or happening with the renovation, and where. :)