Hot water and water pressure

With regards hot water, current plan as suggested by our contractor is to have 2 separate storage heaters, one to supply bathrooms upstairs, and another to supply ground floor bathroom and kitchen.

Little bit of wall hacking needs to be done in the bathroom, and some piping adjustments made for the kitchen, but thankfully nothing insurmountable.

Total cost is around RM7,000

The issue of water pressure can also be overcome according to our contractor by making some adjustments to the piping, which he calls direct water.

I have no idea what that means actually, but it doesn’t cost a lot (750RM) so it’s definitely a must-do. Yay for more water pressure!


Storage heater

Good thing is that the contractor advised that it is possible to install a storage heater, a single large capacity unit that can be stored in the roof and supply hot water to wherever it is needed without the need to hack walls or anything.

For the showers at least, he wasn’t so sure for the taps for wash basins. That’s not crucial, but we do hope hot water can be routed to the kitchen sink.

So many uncertainties for renovation in a foreign country. Don’t quite have the comfort of knowing for sure what can or cannot be done. And no easy way of finding out.

Water filter and water pressure

Have been wondering about the idea of what kind of water filter to use for my home, whether to install one at the point-of-entry (meaning filters all water before it enters one’s home) or just at strategic taps inside the house.

Most advise: get a point-of-entry one. Driving around my neighbourhood this morning, I  noticed that very few households actually installed one.

And running the water inside the house, I noticed that it was all clear, never at any time discoloured or funny smelling (no, I didn’t try to drink it), which I thought was the primary purpose of a point-of-entry filter.

Of course, as Cathy did point out, perhaps a lot of those houses without an external filter do not have permanent occupants, possibly they didn’t want to spend too much on their homes.

I will probably still install one though, typical kiasu Singaporean. :)

Water pressure might be an issue though. Tested the shower in the ground level bathroom. Seemed fine. Pressure for the 3 bathrooms on the first level seemed a bit low though. Probably something to speak to my contractor about.