Dry kitchen completed

It’s actually completed, but I only have photos from the previous visit with a few wires still dangling (they’re gone) since I didn’t have time to take any on our last visit a couple of days ago.

Dry kitchen installation

I think the cream colour looks pretty good, and wife gets her French country style kitchen. At least insofar as budget and space permit!

I don’t have the exact figure on hand, but I think the cost of the entire kitchen is just under RM23,000. All the lower cabinets are on soft close runners with pullouts and upper cabs with soft close hinges.

Perspective of dry kitchen

That is what the dry kitchen is supposed to look like, and that perspective is looking towards the living room from the wet kitchen.

Pretty good effort from my wife given software limitations in replicating exact room shapes and sizes I think.


Plans for dry kitchen

Our dry kitchen. Planning on removing the door and wall partition between both kitchens, and maybe replacing it with a glass panel with an opening for a door, but without the door, or maybe a sliding glass panel.

The wife is concerned about cooking fumes from the wet kitchen wafting into rest of house. :)

Hoping to keep the wall tiles to save a little bit, but unsure if they’re tiled high enough to build the top cabinets above them. Checked out Ikea over the weekend, their top cabinets start really low, and it still looks manageable, so perhaps my worry is unfounded.

Dry kitchen will probably only be used for cabinet and counter-top space, fridge and a tall unit for an oven (those put under the counter look good, but imagine the strain on one’s back). A pull-out tall unit sounds like a good idea as well.