Installation update

BTW, all the knobs and handles were bought from IKEA! Wife wasn’t satisfied with the selection they provided.

Was supposed to be handles for all lower cabinets and knobs for upper cabs, but because there was somehow not enough to go round, the kitchen guys decided to place them where they saw fit. Still looks okay though.

And the granite sink was one we bought in Singapore and transported over. Not that there’s anything wrong with the ones in Malaysia, but we just have more time to shop in Singapore than there.

Wet kitchen update

Raised platform for the kitchen cabinets seem in place, so I guess the windows and grilles will be next to come.

Better view of what the back of the house on ground level looks like than a picture taken from inside the house..

Wet kitchen window works

The original back of our wet kitchen had the back door in the middle, with windows on either side of it.

Our contractor suggested we could move the door to the end of the room instead, which sounded like a good idea since it would give us more continuous space. Pity about the structural beam in the way there though, I had originally thought we could have had much more window as well by moving the door to the end.


Plans for wet kitchen

Facing the utility/maid’s room: 

Facing the dry kitchen:

Likely to keep the tiles in this part of the house, but the rear grilles and gate need changing, and will need to install windows as well. Have actually seen that a neighbour appeared to completely remove this rear entry gate altogether. Wonder if that’s allowed, and if so, should I follow?