Extending two bedrooms

Never did expect to do any structural work with my place until my contractor looked out the window of one of the 2 common bedrooms upstairs and pointed out something interesting.

Another house had extended the same two bedrooms over the aircon ledge by moving out the existing wall to the edge of the house, which struck me as being a really good idea.

Firstly, the ledge is ‘dead’ space, not that we really need more but doesn’t hurt to have a bit more I guess. Quite a bit more in fact.

More importantly, do you have any idea how hard it is to clean an aircon ledge? I don’t either actually, but I imagine it’s pretty troublesome. So why not get rid of it?

Since it only affects the rear of the house, and will not alter the facade of the house, I don’t suppose anyone will find trouble with it. Even from the rear, it is so subtle that even though I had been looking at my neighbours’ houses, both front and back for ideas for quite a while, I never even noticed anything different until my contractor pointed it out.

Update: Not proceeding as of 15 Feb, extra space hardly seems essential, I guess it really won’t hurt to put the aircon compressors where they are intended, and we’re looking to complete renovation asap, so doing less wouldn’t hurt at all.



Floor plan

A brief description of our place:

It is a 24x75ft (land size 1,800 sq ft) intermediate terrace with a built-up area of approximately 2,300 sq ft, and for reference, ours is the one on the right.