Getting renovation permission

Went to the Horizon Hills management office to put a RM3,000 security deposit for renovation works.

Had to show them my Sales & Purchase Agreement, and also to fill out a form indicating the kind of works to be carried out, and the time frame (was advised that 3 months is the permitted amount).

Fairly quick and painless process. She did mention something about the Deed of Mutual Covenant (DMC), although honestly, I have absolutely no clue just what it is she was trying to put across. Was I supposed to have gotten my DMC from my lawyer to hand over to them or something like that?

Definitely something to call my lawyer up about tomorrow.

Updated: 28 Feb 2012

Called up my lawyer to ask about the DMC. She said something about having submitted it to Horizon Hills, and is waiting on them to ‘ratify’ it or something? Basically, I didn’t quite have a clue what she was really talking about, but she said ‘don’t worry about it’, so I guess I won’t.

Since the title deed and the DMC should be ready for my collection sometime this week according to her. Figure once I have those, there really won’t be anything to worry about.