Cabinet work

We are having some cabinet work done for the guest and master bathrooms, and this is what it looks like as of now as a work in progress.

Adding a cabinet below the sink, and a mirror-cum-cabinet above.

Original plan was to change all bathroom fittings, but ended up not doing too much at all.

Bathroom progress

The only hacking works necessary for the bathrooms is the section of wall behind the actual shower for the purpose of running hot water.

My wife chose some nice mosaic tiles to replace those that had to be removed. Guess they will install the actual shower set when the water works are completed.


Bathroom plans

By and large, we are planning to leave the bathrooms intact. The tiles don’t look particularly good or attractive, but they’ll do unless whatever we’re planning requires extensive hacking, in which case we’ll probably have to re-tile all the bathrooms.

Great for getting our own look, not so hot on the added and substantial expense.

The wash basin (not to mention the toilet roll holder) looks like something the 80s forgot, so that will need to go. 

Will try to replace the basin with something more modern, with or without the cabinetry. Wonder though if the basin can simply be removed and replaced without hacking of tiles.

Or if my wife had her way, something much much less modern!

Then there’s the issue of hot water. Planning to get storage heater/s for almost all water outlets (yup, including the kitchen). Considering that all water pipes have already been concealed, totally unsure if this can be easily done, again without hacking of tiles and walls. Need to check with the contractor again, with whom I am currently arranging a meet-up at our place, hopefully really soon.