Getting electricity connected II

I’ve heard different people getting their electricity connected in different ways, and I all got was ‘go to TNB’.

Which I did, and still didn’t manage to get it connected! Yesterday morning I went to the Pusat Khidmat Pelanggan at  Aras 1, Wisma TNB, Jalan Yahya Awal 80100 Johor Bahru. Wasn’t too hard to find fortunately.

Showed them my S&P, and was informed that the previous owner did in fact have an account. In order for me to open an account, I would need to fill in 2 forms (one was an account opening form (it was in English and Bahasa), and I really don’t know what the other one was), and both of these forms needed to be stamped.

So off I went to the Income Tax office just opposite Angsana Mall to get them both stamped. And returned to TNB thinking I could get my electricity up and running.

So I showed the staff at the information counter my two duly-stamped forms and got a queue number. My number gets called….

They need a copy of my identity card. I didn’t have one. ‘Can you make a copy for me’?.. ‘we cannot’.

And you need a witness. A witness? I was thinking of getting the next person in the queue to be my witness lol, then I realized I had no idea where in the vicinity to go to make a copy of my IC, not to mention I needed to return to Singapore shortly.

So here I am, holding on to two stamped forms waiting to go back with a witness and a copy of my IC to hopefully finally open an electricity account.

Either way, my contractor said he will be commencing work on Monday (5th March). I trust his workmen will magically conjure some electricity out of somewhere if there isn’t any at my place!

BTW, this is the other form that needed stamping and submission. Hopefully someone is able to share what it is.

Quite the handicap not knowing the language. Guess I’d better start learning it.

Getting electricity connected

Time to get some in the house before work can commence. Our contractor said that the people at the Horizon Hills customer care office could help us to get it connected, something I hear other HH residents did in fact do.

The lady I spoke with at the office though said I needed to go to a Tenaga customer service outlet to get that done, which does not square with the information I was given elsewhere.

Am thinking that perhaps there was a miscommunication. She asked if we bought our place from the developer, or from the sub-sale market (ours was a sub-sale). Perhaps she thought that electricity had previously been connected by the person we bought the property from, in which case it would make sense that a change might need to be done at a TNB outlet itself.

We are pretty certain that the previous owner never did set up an electricity account, considering the fact that there are no lighting fixtures in the house and we have seen plenty of water bills in the mail, but not one for electricity!

Something I will call the office up again to make sure before I make a trip to a Pusat Khidmat Pelanggan (Tenaga’s customer care centres I imagine) since there isn’t exactly one anywhere near to Horizon Hills.

Would be brilliant if HH could just set it up for me.

Updated: 28 Feb 2012

Called the Horizon Hills customer Care centre up (the number is 07 234 9282) and was told that they couldn’t do it for me. I asked if it was because I did not buy my unit directly from the developer, and could not get a straight answer. Actually I couldn’t get a straight answer for anything I asked.

I think it is something I must get used to in Malaysia! So to a TNB shop it is. Dread the traffic in JB.


Surge protection and UPS

Have been reading up some comments about needing both surge protection and uninterruptible power supply for critical electrical devices.

Something I will need to think about, especially for appliances like the fridge, Network attached storage etc etc, and not forgetting the auto-gate. I heard some people’s autogate mechanisms got fried from these incidents which supposedly occur most often during heavy thunderstorms.

Thankfully the frequency of such events seems low. Electrical equipment getting fried that is, not the thunderstorms. It’s the tropics after all. :)

If you’re as clueless as I am as to what these things are: