Flooring Update 3

Looks like all the floors are done. Noticed some grouting issues, but will wait to gather defects before letting our contractor know.

Flooring Update 2

Some further work has been done on the floor over the past week. Timber strips have been laid on the first floor, and more tiles placed on the ground floor.

Flooring update

Hacking, where necessary, has been completed, and tiling commenced.

Ground floor tiles, 60cm X 60cm homogeneous tiles.

Timber flooring progress for first floor.

Floor tiles

Currently the entire internal tiles of the house, except for the wet kitchen are the ceramic variety.

The tiles themselves aren’t too bad I think, they’re not like the totally smooth-white ceramic tiles of the 80s variety. I notice a lot of homes seem to have simply kept them. They even have some kind of bluish slight wavy pattern on them, but I’m not sure the¬†resolution of the pic below is good enough for them to be visible.

Nevertheless, we are planning on changing them throughout the entire ground floor (bar the wet kitchen).

As for the upper level and the entire stairs, we will try for solid timber flooring. Love the look ¬†of wood, but should that prove too expensive, we’ll have to make do with timber laminate.