Cost of balcony

Have spoken with the contractor who did our neighbour’s balcony which we rather like.

Entire cost is is almost RM18,000 comprising waterproofing and tiling works, wooden pergola with laminated glass roof and tempered glass railings.

Does sound rather expensive….

Update 20 Feb 2012:

Well, we have asked our contractor not to proceed with the construction of the balcony in any form.

Pretty happy with the decision though. Saves us a chunk of dough, and honestly, I’m not sure if the balcony would ever have been put to good use, if we’d done it.

The idea of sitting out there, wine glass in hand sounds wonderful, but I’m not sure if we’ll ever get round to doing it!

Not to mention, I would class the balcony as an entertainment area, like a patio. The fact that ours is accessible only via the master bedroom kind of rules that out. I wouldn’t be comfortable having guests being entertained traipse through our bedroom to get there, nor would I be comfortable as guest having to go through the hosts’ bedroom to go there.

And sitting out there having a drink with an old friend late in the night while the wife is sleeping 10 feet away simply sounds too weird.

So bye bye balcony, for now at least. We may change our mind if our living pattern indicates we could do with one. :)

Suitable pergola for balcony

Drove around the neighbourhood to steal ideas this morning. :)

Thought the way this neighbour did their balcony quite appealing. The wood and glass (plastic?) pergola looks pretty attractive. We will likely go for something like it.

Also like the way they did their balcony with the craft stone wall and glass. Craft stone is probably even more expensive than tempered glass so we will probably skip the wall and just glass it up.

And as for the original plan to tile the balcony, I think we will not go ahead, but simply apply screed to smooth out the concrete. Took a peek out at neighbour’s balcony and noticed that’s what they did, looked pretty good still Tiles don’t appear necessary at the moment and I suppose they can easily be added on after should we choose to.


Balcony plans

Obviously by balcony, I mean the roof of the car porch. We were wondering whether or not to have one, and decided the view was too good to waste not having one. For an intermediate terrace without a golf view that is. :)

Definitely need to tile it up, which I assume won’t be an issue. Probably going to use tempered glass instead of railing, gives a much cleaner look we find.

And definitely need a roof over the balcony. For some shade, and equally importantly to me, so that we can keep the windows open even if it rains heavily. Not sure if mosquitoes might be an issue though, gotta try it to know.

Haven’t seen any really nice or suitable awnings though, probably haven’t looked enough.