Contractor update

Met the contractor this morning, and detailed what we wanted done with our place. Not quite sure what to make of it, let’s just say he seemed clearly more comfortable doing work with a view to utility rather than aesthetics.

For example, my wife is particular about how her kitchen should be done, down to small details and it seemed they didn’t quite manage to get it.

We also consulted two kitchen makers today about building our kitchen, and they seemed to understand perfectly what we had in mind, so we will quite likely engage a separate contractor for our kitchen cabinetry.

One of them, Signature Kitchen gave us an initial quotation of about 30-35k for both the wet and dry. We have given them a revised budget, and we’ll see what they come up with.

Anyway, our main contractor will come back with a quotation, and I guess that’s the most important thing. Will report once know. :)


Getting a quotation

Alright, meeting a contractor tomorrow morning for a discussion at my place. Hope to get a quotation soon.

Rough guide as to what we plan to do:


Hack and replace all tiles downstairs except wet kitchen with homogeneous tiles.

Hack and replace all tiles upstairs with timber strip / timber laminate.


Light boxes and false ceilings for living/dining areas, all bedrooms and possibly the dry kitchen.

Gotta add downlights and ceiling fans.


Apply screed for flooring, tempered glass railing and wooded pergola with fibreglass roof

Wet kitchen

Kitchen cabinets for sink and cooker. Provision for a hood.

Raise the flooring where the washer, dryer and dishwasher will be.

Dry kitchen

Cabinets for both sides of galley. Thanks to the free software provided by a major retailer in Singapore, my wife has created a perspective drawing of what the kitchens should look like, I’ll see if I can get them up tomorrow.

Painting Gotta paint the whole house, maybe even the outside

Windows, grilles and railings

Change the main gate, and automate it

Change all windows and sliding doors, and install grilles everywhere except the master bedroom window.

Remove the grilles for the wet kitchen, replace them and add windows.


Replace all wash basins

Change all taps and mixers

4 mirrors for all bathrooms

Heater, will see if storage heater can be used, otherwise it will have to be instant heaters


4 single units for each bedroom, maybe a split unit for living/dining area?


Would prefer to change them all, including the main door. The ones provided are pretty flimsy


Remove stone slabs, and turf the garden area with pearl grass

Non-kitchen Carpentry work

Probably only a built-in wardobe for the master bedroom. No other carpentry work is planned, so no fancy false walls or custom made tv consoles etc

Alarm system


We are likely to use just a single contractor, decided we don’t want the hassle of dealing with multiple contractors for each area of attention.

Exception might be made for the kitchen though. Going to Signature Kitchen tomorrow as well to see what they offer, and also have another kitchen contractor coming over for a consultation.

The wife is rather particular about her kitchen. :)

And here’s hoping we haven’t left anything major out.




Welcome to the very first post of my Iskandarliving blog.

I will be blogging about the process of renovating my place in Horizon Hills, with step-by-step updates as I go along.

My initial posts are therefore merely illustrations of what it is now, and maybe some thoughts on what we plan to do with each area. And these will be updated as the renovations gets underway. :)

A floor plan has been included which hopefully will help you readers with the orientation of what’s planned or happening with the renovation, and where. :)